[Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA7.3 with iDRAC7Express and Debian Wheezy

Johannes C. Schulz enzephalon76 at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 10 04:38:39 CDT 2013


At first, a big sorry about my poor english - maybe someone like to answer
in german if possible.

I'm here with my brandnew T620 including iDRAC7Express, running Debian
Wheezy with srvadmin (OMSA7.3).
At this time I'm able to connect to OpenManage-Software from my local
network and from outside. But if I try to start the webinterface a "site
not found"-message appears. So I like to ask you dear list-members about
some help. I've attached a screenshot of OpenManage here:
The T620 is located behind a NAT-Router, ports 443, 1311 and 22 are
forwarded to the server. NIC1 has IP, NIC2 is bridged (for
using with virtual machines) and has IP iDRAC is assigned to

Do I need to open port 443 on the linux machine?
Is my configuration of OpenManage correct? Cause if I connect from outside,
the address of webinterface is just the local one (


I'm completely wrong and accessing iDRAC7Express-webinterface from outside
isn't possible?

best regards
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