[Linux-PowerEdge] Linux directly on VRTX w/ M520 nodes

Guillaume Gaulon guillaume.gaulon at orange.com
Thu Sep 5 11:07:19 CDT 2013

Hi PowerEdge users,

I'm interested in the VRTX hardware. But I'd need to run a Linux/KVM
setup on the M520 nodes, not VMWare, not Windows. I do understand that
this isn't supported (yet), but /unofficially/ what should I expect to
work/not to work? (This is for a lab setup, not production, so rough
edges are OK.)

My understanding so far is that disks on the shared PERC won't work, and
I can live with that for now. On the other hand, I kind of expect the
PCIe cards to work despite the uncommon architecture. And anything else
should be business as usual, I think (I might be optimistic...).

Has anyone given it a try?

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