[Linux-PowerEdge] OM 7.2 broken on RHEL 6.4

Daniel Jared Dominguez Jared_Dominguez at dell.com
Wed Mar 20 01:14:20 CDT 2013

Please try the following patch, which *should* work on both RHEL 6.4 and
prior versions (at least on the systems I tested :) ):

Apply it by running the following as root:
        patch /etc/init.d/dsm_sa_ipmi dsm_sa_ipmi.patch

Checking the ipmi sources in the Linux kernel, I believe I made the best
and correct assumptions for checking what's in-tree or not. Hopefully
this small patch helps, though note that it is not supported by Dell.


Jared Dominguez
Linux Engineering
Dell | Enterprise Solutions Group

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