[Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA: spamming console with USB/SECUPD (idrac) messages

Giulio giulioo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 15:43:28 CDT 2013

Today we installed a PE T110-II.
This time OMSA probed for the iDRAC (which is not there) 4 times, four times!

83 useless and confusing lines in dmesg.

OMSA developers, please, tell me how to completely disable this useless probing.

You shouldn't feel free to use our systems like this:
- useless iDRAC probing
- useless loading of mpt* modules on systems w/o any controller requiring them
- DSET: forced install of RPM modules with missing dependencies, RPMSs
using file ownerships w/o adding the user-id's to the system (so that
files belong to root and RPMs fail to rpm verify)

Sorry, but it  seems you don't even try.


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