[Linux-PowerEdge] megasactl, H710 min and battery status

Davide Ferrari davide at trovit.com
Wed Jul 24 10:53:13 CDT 2013


just installed a Debian 7.0 Wheezy on a PowerEdge with a H710 Mini controller, and this is the output I get from megasasctl

a0       PERC H710 Mini           encl:1 ldrv:1  batt:FAULT, low voltage
a0d0       278GiB RAID 1   1x2  optimal
unconfigured:  a0e32s2   a0e32s3   a0e32s4
a0e32s0     279GiB  a0d0  online
a0e32s1     279GiB  a0d0  online

However, OMSA tells me that

# omreport storage battery controller=0
Battery 0 on Controller PERC H710 Mini (Embedded)

Controller PERC H710 Mini (Slot Embedded)
ID                        : 0
Status                    : Ok
Name                      : Battery 0
State                     : Ready
Recharge Count            : Not Applicable
Max Recharge Count        : Not Applicable
Predicted Capacity Status : Ready
Learn State               : Not Applicable
Next Learn Time           : Not Applicable
Maximum Learn Delay       : Not Applicable

is there a fix for megasactl? I have some script based on it to detect battery faults (cause it's more lightweight than OMSA and some old server didn't support OMSA) and I'd like to trust in them :)


Davide Ferrari
Senior System Administrator
Trovit Search S.L. - http://www.trovit.com

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