[Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA Web Interface Login problem

H. Haven Liu haoyangliu at ucla.edu
Mon Jul 22 14:34:51 CDT 2013


I just reinstalled a NX3100 server with CentOS 6.4, and installed the srvadmin-all (v7.3). However, it appears that I am unable to login via the web interface. 

I used the URL <https://my.server.tld:1311>, which prompted me for my username and password. I entered root and the root password, and clicked on Submit. The page just refreshed, without any error message. There isn't anything logged in /etc/secure or /opt/dell/srvadmin/var/log/openmanage/omcmdlog.xml. Coincidentally, if I use some arbitrary password, same thing would happen.

Any idea what might be happening?



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