[Linux-PowerEdge] NIC firmware update failing.

Matthew Geier matthew at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Thu Jul 18 17:19:58 CDT 2013

update_firmware on several RHEL6 machines, after the latest OpenManage 
updates have been downloaded and applied -

Running updates...
|    Installing pci_firmware(ven_0x14e4_dev_0x163a_subven_0x1028_subdev_ 
...Installation failed for package: 
pci_firmware(ven_0x14e4_dev_0x163a_subven_0x1028_subdev_0x0287) - 7.6.15
aborting update...

The error message from the low-level command was:

Update failure. Firmware programming utility returned an error.

Any tips on where to start looking for why ?

  OpenManage is now also reporting on multiple platforms that the RAID 
controller firmware is too old, but no update package for the RAID was 
included in the latest updates.

Matthew Geier,
Systems Administrator, Australian Centre for Field Robotics
+61 2 9351 8149

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