[Linux-PowerEdge] MD3000 preferred path not working

G.Bakalarski at icm.edu.pl G.Bakalarski at icm.edu.pl
Thu Jul 18 04:59:08 CDT 2013


Are you 10000000% sure all diskarray hardware is OK ???

And what SAS cards - server HBA or diskarray controllers ???

Is it single box diskarray or you have expansion enclosures???

Single/dual controller ???? (if there are expansions: single/dual pathed

If dual controller (in case you replaced any) : are controllers' firmwares

Did you power off/on all componets ?

I can't imagine how regular disk exchange can make such disaster nowadays :(


> we had a disk fail in an MD3000 last week which was replaced under
> warranty. However, during the replacement of the disk something happened
> and we ended up getting 2 new SAS cards, MD3000 controllers and a new
> backplane for the MD3000. This took a week to fix costing us thousands.
> Now were just about back online, but we are getting these errors from the
> MD3000:
> Summary
> Host IP Address:
> Host ID: fintestdb.wales.nhs.uk
> Event Error Code: 4011
> Event occurred: Jul 18, 2013 9:51:43 AM
> Event Message: Virtual Disk not on preferred path due to AVT/RDAC failover
> Component type: RAID Controller Module
> Component location: RAID Controller Module in slot 0
> Priority:Critical
> The only way we seem to be able to stop getting these error messages is to
> set the preferred path to path 0 for all luns.
> Now, we have the exact same setup on another server, but using the correct
> preferred paths and we are having none of these issues. Both these servers
> have the same OS and MD3000 setup.
> Could anyone please shed some light on why the server that's just been
> 'fixed' is generating these errors unless we assign all luns to path 0?
> Thanks
> Nick .
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