[Linux-PowerEdge] LC Software Identities Profile

Larry Havemann larry at edgecast.com
Mon Jul 15 15:08:09 CDT 2013


We have a mixed environment of R610,R710, and R620 servers.  We have had
great sucess with using the LC to do bios and firmware updates on the
R620s.  I've been looking to use the LCs for the 610/710 servers as well.
 The main issue I've run into is the Software Identies Profile for the
610/710 is very different from the profile on the 620s.  Are there any
plans to unify the Profiles?

EX: iDrac Software Identity search via Recite,
620: GetSoftwareIdentity
710: GetSoftwareIdentity InstanceID=DCIM:INSTALLED:NONPCI:20137:1.95

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