[Linux-PowerEdge] PE hardware recommendation for Linux software RAID server

vincent at cojot.name vincent at cojot.name
Sat Jul 13 22:40:32 CDT 2013

Hi James,

Just my 2c:

1) if you're running a software RAID this size, why wouldn't you want to 
RAID-1 your Boot disk? A single disk failure of the boot disk will make 
your raid5 unavailable until you can get your distro restored from tape 
along with the latest LVM/MD configuration (you had that saved somewhere, 
right? ).

2) If you're running a software raid this size, maybe you should consider 
the Synology enterprise appliances (The Ds3612xs comes to mind). It does 
more than a 'normal' distro for file sharing and usually come with enough 
drive bays to provide expandability for the future. They're also less 
costly than similar serveur hardware.

I run each of these setups myself :

- a T410 with 128Gb Ram, 6*3.5disks (2*2gb for boot and 4*3gb for data) 
with an LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i (full H/W Raid on the box).

- a DS3611xs with 8*2Gb disks in a two disk parity Syno Hybrid RAID.

Each of these provide nice performance (up to 300-400 Mb/s) and availabily 
but I feel a little more secured on my Dell since its hardware RAID is software independant 
(excluding firmware).

My 2c, really.


On Thu, 11 Jul 2013, James Reynolds wrote:

> Hi,
> I spec-ing a tower server that needs about 12-16TB of storage space.
> I'm looking at the PowerEdge T320 with:
> * Chassis with up to 8, 3.5" Hot-Plug Hard Drives
> * No RAID for H310 (1-16 HDDs)
> * PERC H310 Integrated RAID Controller
> * 1 (one) 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA 3Gbps 3.5in hot-plug hard drives
> * 5 (five) 4TB 7.2K RPM SATA 3Gbps 3.5in hot-plug hard drives
> I don't want to use the hardware RAID but Linux software RAID ideally. The 500GB hard drive will be the boot drive for the Linux
> OS.
> I'm getting the PERC H310 just as a precaution, though (and the price difference isn't much).
> Any suggestions, recommendations? Anyone have experience with using software RAID with these Dell PEs?
> Thanks,
> James

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