[Linux-PowerEdge] 15 or 20 package_power_limit events per second on an R320

Todd Lyons tlyons at ivenue.com
Tue Jul 2 12:56:59 CDT 2013

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 10:18 AM, J. Adam Craig <jacraig at vcu.edu> wrote:
> Folks --
> The only "fix" I've managed to find for this issue has been to apply all
> BIOS changes listed on p. 6 of this guide for "low-latency."  Apart from
> these adjustements, I've found that these messages occur under moderate to
> heavy load on R620, R720, and R820 servers running RHEL 6.x.
> http://i.dell.com/sites/content/shared-content/data-sheets/en/Documents/configuring-low-latency-environments-on-dell-poweredge-12g-servers.pdf
> I've opened multiple support tickets with Dell Support, and consistently
> been advised to update the BIOS, change from "Performance Per Watt" to
> "Performance," etc., but these changes (knock on wood) has so far been the
> only viable solution.


So what you are saying is that in your experience, these do not solve
the problem:
1. Selecting Custom and disabling C1E and CStates.
2. Selecting the "Performance" profile.

In your testing, the only thing that gets rid of the problem is to
select Custom and pick all of those settings in that chart on page 6.


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