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If you use RHN or Spacewalk to manage your OS updates, you could use http://linux.dell.com/dell-satellite-sync/. You can import repos for specific distributions and specific  hardware, and I suppose it could be easily tweaked to just rsync specific repos without importing them to RHN/Spacewalk.

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I get this kind of error quite frequently, preceded by:
rsync: failed to connect to linux.dell.com: Connection refused (111)
I have no idea what the problem is, but I seem to get connected as often as not, so I'm not that bothered.

On the subject of the rsync script, does anyone have a reliable way of selecting just the Packages relevant to their distro(s) and particular Hardware?
I have a great long list of rsync --includes and --excludes in an attempt to limit the download to just 64-bit RHEL, the limited set of Dell HW I have, and just the latest few versions of OMSA. I figure that there must be a better way; is there?


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Hello Mike,

Thanks for the script.

It seems not to be a script problem. Mine was ok for months. For me it seems to be load problem on remote side but i'm not sure.

After some days, it's ok.

I doesn't need all omsa versions and dell platforms so i cut in all.

Best regards,

2013/1/15 Mike Hanby <mhanby at uab.edu<mailto:mhanby at uab.edu>>
Here's the script I use in case it helps, it's successfully pulling the latest 7.2:






if [ -f ${lockfile} ]; then

    echo "Updates via rsync already running, lock file exists: ${lockfile}"

    exit 0


if [ -d ${outputdir} ] ; then

    cd ${outputdir}

    touch ${lockfile}

    # This line will mirror the entire repo, which is over 30G

    su - repoadmin -c "rsync -aHz --delete-after --delete-excluded \

      linux.dell.com::repo/ ${outputdir}/"

# 20111024 - MJH - Dell's repo doesn't contain vital symlinks to create the .htaccess files

#  Create them if they don't exist (currently in community and OMSA_ directories

   for dir in community $(ls -d hardware/OMSA_*); do

     cd ${outputdir}/${dir}

     if [ ! -L ".htaccess" ] ; then ln -s _tools/htaccess_repo_topdir .htaccess; fi

     cd _tools

     if [ ! -L ".htaccess" ] ; then ln -s htaccess_tools .htaccess; fi

     cd ${outputdir}


  /bin/rm -f ${lockfile}

  # Set the permissions of the files

  chmod -R go+r,go-w ${outputdir}


    echo "Target directory $outputdir not present."


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Since 2013/01/10 i can't rsync the OMSA repository. Is there something change on the server side ?

here is the error i get :

rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(122) [Receiver=3.0.9]

The only thing i know : on this date the OMSA 7.2 was added.

If someone has a clue ?



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