[Linux-PowerEdge] Info on device node name for idrac6

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 17:36:09 CST 2013

I have an R815 with iDRAC6.
Do you know if I run installation of a linux system (Fedora 18 in my
case) from an iso image attached to iDRAC, what would be the name of
the special file for it?

Physical DVD seems to be /dev/sr0, what about the iDRAC emulated CD/DVD?
BTW: I've not at the moment physical access to the server to check,
but I'm going to test tomorrow or on Monday.

I ask because in Fedora 18 (and possibly Fedora17) it seems anaconda
is not able to identify the root device of the live filesystem that
boots, if doing this from iDRAC, or at least this is what I suspect...

it boots from iso but it lands to dracut emergency shell at initial stage to:
dracut-initqueue Warning could not boot
dracut-initqueue Warning /dev/root doesn't exist

So, if the iDRAC DVD is seen as /dev/sr1 I think I could try
force/solve the issue if I pass



or probably better:

Or eventually I already tested in the past PXE boot and install from
TFTP and I'll proceed this way.

Thanks in advance for any insight


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