[Linux-PowerEdge] OpenManage 7.2 yum repository posted

Bryan Seitz Bryan_Seitz at symantec.com
Tue Jan 15 10:56:01 CST 2013

Here's another one I've found recently:

--> Running transaction check
---> Package DRAGONFLY_ES_2_5_7_2K_SATA_500GB_componentid_20586.noarch 4:a02-1 will be updated
---> Package DRAGONFLY_ES_2_5_7_2K_SATA_500GB_componentid_20586.noarch 5:a02-1 will be an update
--> Processing Dependency: dell_ie_module(FRMW_Serial_ATA) for package: 5:DRAGONFLY_ES_2_5_7_2K_SATA_500GB_componentid_20586-a02-1.noarch
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: 5:DRAGONFLY_ES_2_5_7_2K_SATA_500GB_componentid_20586-a02-1.noarch (sym-dell)
           Requires: dell_ie_module(FRMW_Serial_ATA)
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem

Is this known or am I missing a package ?

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Hi All,

The OpenManage 7.2  yum repository  has been posted and latest symbolic link is updated.

You can use this repo to install OMSA 7.2 and update latest firmware's on PowerEdge servers.
New Feature:  DTK functionalities have been added in this release.

Known Issue:

1)      When you perform Intel NIC updates using YUM GUI , sometimes duplicate ports gets listed on the GUI and the updates will fail.

2)      When you try to update the power supply firmware, you will see failure.

3)      There is no update support available for the RD1000 firmware in the YUM repository. Hence the RD1000 firmware enclosure will not be listed on the YUM GUI.

4)      When your system has multiple network cards that needs update, please use YUM CLI instead of YUM GUI. The updates via GUI is time consuming because of repeated attempts though updates will be successful)


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