[Linux-PowerEdge] Monitoring PowerVault MD3220

Łukasz Zygmański vins at umk.pl
Wed Jan 9 03:28:24 CST 2013

Hi Mike,

As far as I know you can monitor the array in two ways:
1) Using Dell MDSM and its SNMP traps and e-mail notifications (not the 
best way for me, because you have to have the MDSM running all the time)
2) Using Nagios, but you have to install SMcli which also involves 
installing JDK

I haven't heard of any other way yet.

Under this link: 
you can found some sample scripts to monitor the array using Nagios.

Best regards,

W dniu 07.01.2013 18:16, Mike Brodbelt pisze:
> How do people monitor Dell MD3000/3200/3220 arrays?
> These arrays have management ethernet ports, and they seem to contain a
> rebadged LSI hardware RAID controller. Dell provides the MD storage
> manager software, which seems to be the "official" way. This involves
> (as far as I can see) running a pile of Java on the host attached to the
> array, just so that can talk a proprietary LSI management protocol to
> the actual array.
> I'm trying to hook our MD3220's into Nagios, and was hoping that there
> might be a simpler method of doing this, that doesn't involve quite as
> much supporting infrastructure. How are other users monitoring these arrays?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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