[Linux-PowerEdge] CentOS support from DELL

Giuseppe Tanzilli - Serverplan giuseppe at serverplan.com
Thu Jan 3 11:18:23 CST 2013

we have a lot of DELL servers runing CentOS, when DELL will add CentOS 
as supported OS ?

I think CentOS is installed in high number of DELL servers, but instead 
of simplify  life for customers DELL is making  harder and harder to use 
DELL servers with CentOS.

An example is the new dset version 3.x, missing omsa support  etc.

I understand,  it is a great effort to make it a certified OS, but at 
least make it an usable one,
allowing the management tools like OMSA and dset to work.

Basic functional testing on CentOS will be a great progress in the 
customers  direction .

How many people here are using CentOS on DELL servers ?

DELL listen us ! !


Giuseppe Tanzilli

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