c6220 ethernet changes on Rocks 5.3

andy thomas andy at time-domain.co.uk
Wed Jul 4 01:44:09 CDT 2012

On Thu, 21 Jun 2012, Edsall, William (WJ) wrote:

> Hello list,
> We've added from C6220's in the mix with our C6100's, and the C6220's are not installing. They PXE boot and receive the image, but they do not receive the kickstart file. My assumption is that the NIC's in these machines requires a different driver.
> It looks like the c6220 comes with: Intel Ethernet Controller i350
> The previous c6100 came with: Intel Kawela(tm) 82576 Gb
> Has anyone experienced and resolved this issue?

Although this is not a Linux problem, I too am having problems with the 
network interfaces on a new C6220. The interfaces fail to get a DHCP lease 
when connected to a network that has a DHCP server on it so PXE boot 
doesn't work. If the network lead is disconnected and then reconnected, it 
sometimes gets an IP address but most of the time it doesn't. All 4 server 
modules behave the same so it can't be a hardware fault.

I eventually installed Ubuntu Server 12.04 on one server module from a USB 
CD drive - this has the latest igb NIC driver but the network connectivity 
problems remain and connectivity is lost after a few minutes. The NIC link 
LED stays lit and ethtool reports an active link even when the link is 
apparently down and even setting a static IP address doesn't help. The 
fact that these problems are apparent in PXE even before the server is 
booted suggests problems with the Intel i350 NIC chipset.

The only thing I can think of that might have something to do with this is 
the network it is connected to is 100 Mbit/s - maybe all works fine on a 
gigabit network? But it's a lot of effort to move the server to a 
different building where there's gigabit connectivity to check this.

Any ideas?


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