New to the list :)

Itstooloud info at
Wed Apr 18 07:24:35 CDT 2012

Wow, that was an amazing amount of information you all shared with me
yesterday, I really appreciate it, I never expected so much information,
it really gave me food for thought.

Im so impressed with this community it has made me want to buy a Dell even

I would like to thanks every one of you who shared information, I have
saved all the emails and have already read them all twice.

Im weighing up the pro's and cons, and in fact have even started
considering a slightly better dell.

I already have a 17" Mac Book Pro, and I was looking at cheap PC laptops
around £300 but the Dell servers aren't much more expensive and I would be
able to kill a few birds with one stone, its not mobile, and not a
desktop, but if I can learn from it and still use it with VM's for work
and study than that¹s great.

I promise I wont make a decision without really considering everything
every one of you sent me yesterday.

Im going to have a really good think over the next week, Im still
researching the equipment and will post back my purchase very soon.

I doubt I will be able to offer any help on these forums for some time but
I will stick around and look forward to reading the info floating around.

Thanks again everyone.


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