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It is not hard to find a PowerEdge machine of the 2850 vintage
for not very much money.   2650s are even easier to get, cheap.
But the remote control stuff is not as useful, and they are 
noisy and power hungry. I have one that cost me $2 at a
university surplus auction. But I had to scrounge some drives for it.

A lot depends on your location.

Keep an eye on and

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> While true in general, the thing I almost invariably end up wanting but
> not having when I build servers on non-server hardware is a remote
> management interface like a DRAC or an ILO.  Being able to remotely power
> cycle and remotely mount CD/DVD images is huge when you're not always
> sitting beside the thing.

While I completely agree about the importance of some type of remote
management system for any production server, I wouldn't recommend a
student waste his money on it.  The DRAC and ILO solutions are great
and very easy to use.  I don't think there's a need to buy one to
learn how to use it.

I completely agree with James Bensley's comments.  Don't waste your
money on purchasing a server.  Unless, of course, you just want a
server to say you have a server. :)
Any old computer will do for learning Linux and any apps that you want
to learn along with it.  If you don't have another computer to use,
try using a free micro instance on EC2 to get started.

John Alberts

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