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   Welcome to the list (this is also might first post since joining in a few weeks ago).  Remember that a valuable asset in purchasing Dell server equipment on the cheap is to explore what's available on the dell outlet website ( in the US).  It consists of refurbished current and last-gen hardware as well as systems that got scratched or dented in the manufacturing process.  You can typically pick up servers there starting at around $400 and they do come with the same warranty as their new equipment.  (Occasionally there are 15-20% off coupons but I haven't seen any in a long time, those are usually announced on their twitter page And even though Dell may shun the activity, you can pick up plenty of add-on equipment via ebay and the like such as extra drive sleds (Dell won't sell you these directly without a drive in them), PERC cards, etc.  Linux will run on any of these systems so don't worry about that.  If you want to play with multiple operating systems you might look at installing VMware's ESXI software.  It's free and installs on the bare hardware and can then be configured via the command line or a windows box and will let you set up as many VM's as you wish.

Good luck.
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> Hi Everyone,
> Firstly thanks for letting me join the list, I am an open university student doing a degree in ICT and just finishing my first module, I will be starting a beginners course on Linux in a couple of weeks and after that I commence a Microsoft Certified Engineers course.
> I would like to buy a server for this purpose of studying but I am unsure what to go for, I have very little money so am looking at the PowerEdge T110 II and I was warned by Dell support to not buy it for use with Linux, is this true?
> I would like to partition the drive of the server and run multiple operating systems to run on different days to learn and complete my studies, Im not sure if the t110 II will be ok for m or not!
> Please can any one you offer some advise, Im afraid Im a complete noob so any technical stuff might lose me a little, Ive worked with computers for many years as a web designer, so I do have some understanding, but to this date little understanding of the complexity of servers.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Hopefully the T110 II is going to be good for me, and I may be part of this list for a while to come :)
> See you
> Tobes

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