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Hi Tobes,

Good luck with your quest for knowledge. .The archives for this list are available online at

If you start about a year back and read up to the current date you will be able to see how this list works, and get a feel for the culture of the list. You will also gain a lot of insight into the challenges faced by the members of this list and the process they use to overcome them. I am also new to this list but I am very impressed with the level of knowledge from the members, and the openness of Dell and community.  It is absolutely amazing and reading through the posts is now part of my daily ritual.

Now back your server question. I use several workstation class computers combined with one server for my lab. The server (11G Dell)  allows me to test all of the functions of the server including PERC/DRAC capability and the workstations allow me to spin up many VM's at a low cost.  This works well for me as you are going to find that server hardware is much more expensive then desktop or workstation hardware.  If you are short on cash do your experimenting on desktop hardware, you will get 90% of the experience at 20% of the cost.  You will have plenty of time to play with the latest and greatest Dell hardware when you move on and start working with your employers equipment. :)

Good Luck!


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Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks for letting me join the list, I am an open university student doing a degree in ICT and just finishing my first module, I will be starting a beginners course on Linux in a couple of weeks and after that I commence a Microsoft Certified Engineers course.

I would like to buy a server for this purpose of studying but I am unsure what to go for, I have very little money so am looking at the PowerEdge T110 II and I was warned by Dell support to not buy it for use with Linux, is this true?

I would like to partition the drive of the server and run multiple operating systems to run on different days to learn and complete my studies, Im not sure if the t110 II will be ok for m or not!

Please can any one you offer some advise, Im afraid Im a complete noob so any technical stuff might lose me a little, Ive worked with computers for many years as a web designer, so I do have some understanding, but to this date little understanding of the complexity of servers.

Thanks for any advice.

Hopefully the T110 II is going to be good for me, and I may be part of this list for a while to come :)

See you

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