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Danielle Nichol dani at
Tue Apr 17 06:33:04 CDT 2012

Don't scare me like that!, I recently installed a T110 II and just 
bunged in the centos 6.2 dvd, it installed ok and is running a raid5 
disk set, it was an emergency replacement as their current server was 
failing fast, I didn't have time to read the manual so its just a bare 
installation, and its running fine so far.


On 17/04/2012 10:55, Itstooloud wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Firstly thanks for letting me join the list, I am an open university 
> student doing a degree in ICT and just finishing my first module, I 
> will be starting a beginners course on Linux in a couple of weeks and 
> after that I commence a Microsoft Certified Engineers course.
> I would like to buy a server for this purpose of studying but I am 
> unsure what to go for, I have very little money so am looking at the 
> PowerEdge T110 II and I was warned by Dell support to not buy it for 
> use with Linux, is this true?
> I would like to partition the drive of the server and run multiple 
> operating systems to run on different days to learn and complete my 
> studies, Im not sure if the t110 II will be ok for m or not!
> Please can any one you offer some advise, Im afraid Im a complete noob 
> so any technical stuff might lose me a little, Ive worked with 
> computers for many years as a web designer, so I do have some 
> understanding, but to this date little understanding of the complexity 
> of servers.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Hopefully the T110 II is going to be good for me, and I may be part of 
> this list for a while to come :)
> See you
> Tobes
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