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Le 17/04/2012 11:55, Itstooloud a écrit :
> Hi Everyone,


> Firstly thanks for letting me join the list, I am an open university 
> student doing a degree in ICT and just finishing my first module, I 
> will be starting a beginners course on Linux in a couple of weeks and 
> after that I commence a Microsoft Certified Engineers course.
> I would like to buy a server for this purpose of studying but I am 
> unsure what to go for, I have very little money so am looking at the 
> PowerEdge T110 II and I was warned by Dell support to not buy it for 
> use with Linux, is this true?

No. We're running few T110 (I & II) under Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu 
server without any problem

> I would like to partition the drive of the server and run multiple 
> operating systems to run on different days to learn and complete my 
> studies, Im not sure if the t110 II will be ok for m or not!

One of our T110 running Squeeze has XP, Seven, ChromeOS, Ubuntu server 
or Elastix running in VMs. Note: only XP VM is up all the time, others 
on needs. The goal is to have each OS at disposal without restarting the 
machine to switch to another OS. You need memory (basis can be 1Go per 
VM, 2Go for the server itself if he is not used as desktop, 4Go 
otherwise) and the best processor you can get for your money. The server 
himself is raid1 software based.



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