Perc 5 driving me crazy

Chris Good chris at
Fri Apr 13 04:48:55 CDT 2012

Steve Thompson wrote:
> The system will run like a champ for anything from a week to several 
> months, and then will mark anywhere from four to eight drives as failed 
> (there is nothing wrong with them).

We've seen exactly the same thing.  We noticed that it would always be
sequentially numbered drives that it marked failed so we took the machine
down and juggled the drive order such that each half of the mirror was on
opposite halves of the array.  That way when it failed it just got marked
as degraded so we could just power the whole thing down at a convenient 
time and it rebuild it with no data loss.

Whilst the workaround helped it was just such a nuisance that we eventually
powered the array down and used the drives elsewhere.  It's a shame we could
never get to the bottom of it as we're wasting an otherwise useful array.


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