Perc 5 driving me crazy

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Steve, I've seen a similar problem, except it happened about every other
reboot.  I ended up replacing the card.
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On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 7:50 PM, Steve Thompson <smt at> wrote:

> CentOS 5.7, x86_64, OMSA 6.5.
> I have a PE1900 with a Perc 5/E card, to one port of which is connected
> two MD1000 shelves (daisy chained). In one shelf is 15 x 1 TB SATA drives
> (sourced from Dell) and in the second shelf is 15 x 2 TB SATA drives
> (Seagates). Interposers are used in all 30 slots. Each shelf contains two
> 7-member RAID5 arrays and one global hot spare. All temps, etc are fine.
> The system will run like a champ for anything from a week to several
> months, and then will mark anywhere from four to eight drives as failed
> (there is nothing wrong with them). Many times there are several failed
> drives in one or more RAID5 arrays, so its contents are lost. Power cycle
> the system, and many drives are marked as foreign. Clear the foreign
> config, rebuild the RAID arrays, and then everything is fine until the
> next time.
> I am seeking enlightenment as to what I can do to make this thing work
> consistently, because I'm about to take an axe to it. The alert log does
> show some SCSI sense events, and the Perc appears to be overly sensitive
> to these, when nothing is wrong with any of the disks. Solution: replace
> the Perc? Use software RAID? Seek another line of work?
> Steve
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