Expanding disk space in a RAID10 on R710

Mike Brodbelt mike at last.fm
Thu Apr 12 09:27:18 CDT 2012

On 10/04/12 23:59, Brian Mathis wrote:
> I need to expand the disk space on an R710 with a PERC6/i.  It is
> currently configured with 4 drives in a RAID10 with 1 hot spare.  This
> is with 450GB disks.  I see 2 options without going to external
> storage:
> 1. Swap out each of the 4 drives, one at a time, with larger ones,
> then expand the RAID to fill the empty space.
> 2. Get rid of the hot spare and use the 2 remaining slots to expand
> the RAID10 to 6 drives, and keep some cold spares on the shelf.
> Has anyone performed either of these types of expansions?

I have, a while ago, on a 2950. We had 4 x 73Gb drives in RAID 10, and 
upgraded to 4 x 300Gb drives. We pulled out 2 drives (being careful 
which 2), and rebuilt the array onto 2 new drives, then repeated, to end 
up with the new drives in the machine.

At that point we found that there was no obvious path to get the PERC to 
expand the size of the array drive, so we ended up having to backup the 
machine, destroy and re-create the array, and restore. There may be a 
better way with a PERC6/i, and the machines we were upgrading were 
paired, so we could afford to take one out of service for a few hours, 
which meant we didn't spend a long time looking for better solutions - 
so you may be able to work around it, but our experience was that you 
had to flatten the box.



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