Which port to use for ESXi boot drive?

Nick_Clewer at dell.com Nick_Clewer at dell.com
Tue Apr 10 17:17:09 CDT 2012

Hi Hank

Best to use the built in SD card that is close to the front of the server, the one next to the internal USB. You can use the internal USB and install ESXi Embedded on a USB key but it's better to use a SD card, it's really the same between the two but just better to use the SD. You will need to edit the boot preferences in the BIOs once you have a SD card installed to be able to boot off it. I believe it's in the Hard Drive boot order in the BIOS.

The vFlash is not recommended to boot ESXi from as it's just not supported. The vFlash is designed for storing drivers, update/restore images etc to the local system incase it's needed, you can mount partitions from the vFlash in the DRAC to a virtual drive that will show in the OS, or you can use it to boot to recovery images or even store Linux recovery CDs.




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I have three Dell R610 Poweredge servers running ESXi. I'm going to be re-installing ESXi soon when I swap out some of the hard drives.

Each of the R610s have an Enterprise DRAC card with a "vFlash" SD card slot..  The servers also have a built-in SD Card slot, as well as a separate  USB connector for a USB Thumb drive.

I know this sounds pretty basic, but what are the differences between the three options if I wanted to use one as a boot drive for ESXi?



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