MD3000i PowerVault

Damien Guillaume damien at
Fri Apr 6 13:32:07 CDT 2012

Hi All,


I've a very strange problem on the MD ...

Here the logs from the console:
04/06/12-19:35:25 (GMT) (tRAID): NOTE:  Qlogic coredump file written to 'GRXZG4J:/tmp/QLogic_Coredump_port_0_GRXZG4J',rc 204E50, expected 204E50
04/06/12-19:35:25 (GMT) (tRAID): WARN:  Qlogic coredump file write failed.fclose returned -1
04/06/12-19:35:25 (GMT) (tRAID): NOTE:  QLProcessSystemError: Restart RISC
04/06/12-19:35:25 (GMT) (tRAID): ERROR: QLGetFwState: MBOX_CMD_GET_FW_STATE failed.  Stat f000
04/06/12-19:35:25 (GMT) (tRAID): NOTE:  QLRebootTimer: Status after Get FW State 4543
04/06/12-19:35:25 (GMT) (tRAID): NOTE:  QLRebootTimer: QLGetFwState failed
04/06/12-19:35:26 (GMT) (tRAID): NOTE:  QLStartFw: Downloading Driver's FW image from 0319a140 4c0c8 bytes , result 0

I've two controllers cards A and B on the slot 0 and 1.
I can try all combinations with the cards A and B or just A or just B .. I've always this error.

And after 1/2 days power off, the MD3000 starts ...
And after a few hours it restarts itself and I've again errors.

My warranty is expired but DELL ensures that the problem is not hardware.

What is strange ... I've successful start this afternoon the MD3000i (All discs are blank).
Config, controller card B on the slot 1.
He started at any time without any errors.

I've put the card A in slot 0.
The MD have make a restart, and it was back with the 2 RAID controller, but le card A was maked as failled.
For see if the card or the slot have a trouble, I've put the card B on the slot 0 ... And the MD make a loop and never start ...
OK, I would put again the card B on the slot 1 ... And ... The MD don't never start again :( ...

Does anybody have any idea?
I'm lost ... verry lost with this strange problem ...

Thank a lot,

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