Has anyone booted UEFI+GRUB2 on 11G?

Richard Chan rspchan at starhub.net.sg
Wed Apr 4 19:01:44 CDT 2012

Hi, I'm having a poor time testing grub/UEFI on Poweredge 11G stuff:

In this post: grub = grub 2.00~betaXXXX  grub-legacy = grub-0.97-XXXX

grub is compiled from current bzr and I've also tested grub.efi from Fedora
17 Alpha grub2-efi package
grub doesn't work on any 11G platform so far. :-((

R510 : grub-legacy OK, grub NOT (error cannot allocate real mode pages)
R810:  grub-legacy OK, grub NOT (error cannot allocate real mode pages)
M910:  grub-legacy NOT, grub NOT

The worst is the M910, doesn't boot any form of Linux in UEFI mode with
either grub/grub-legacy.

Has anyone got Grub (aka Grub2) working on 11G?

BTW I have installed the latest BIOS and updated all the firmware.

I was using Fedora 16 and CentOS 6.2 boot media. (Did anyone get RHEL6
media to boot on a M910 in UEFI?)

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