Need for official dell mirror in Europe?

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Tue Apr 3 15:52:55 CDT 2012

repo/ is ~71 GB
repo/hardware/ is ~64 GB
repo/hardware/latest is ~6 GB

As for the yum config file question, you'll have to edit it to point to your repo of course. Don't know of any tools to determine which repo is faster.

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On Tue, 3 Apr 2012, Jose_De_La_Rosa at wrote:

> Everything under repo/hardware is about 64 GB, but it contains older 
> OMSA releases, which you may not need. You can look at 
> to check what you want.
> If you just want the latest OMSA release (6.5.3) then you just need 
> (about 6 GB).

The whole repo/ is 400 GB.

You should use -H with rsync.

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