UEFI error: cannot allocate real mode pages

Richard Chan rspchan at starhub.net.sg
Mon Apr 2 20:43:01 CDT 2012

Testing latest bzr GRUB on Dell R510 UEFI firmware.
When I try to use GRUB to load the kernel I get:

grub> linux (hd0,2)/vmlinuz-2.6.32-220.7.1.el6.x86_64
error: cannot allocate real mode pages.

GRUB was built with:
./configure --with-platform=efi --disable-werror

The EFI image was built with:

grub-mkstandalone -O x86-64_efi -o BOOTX64.EFI  -C xz --modules="normal
boot linux fat ext2 part_gpt lvm chain efi_gop"

grub is able to chainload grub-legacy, though.

I have also grabbed the Fedora 17Alpha grub2-efi RPM and copied grub.efi
Same issue.

GRUB-Legacy works:
The "stock" grub.efi from Centos 6.2 (GRUB legacy + UEFI) works for both
local and PXE booting.
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