iDRAC6 linux client arrow/print keys broken

Frederik Kriewitz frederik at
Wed Jun 22 06:23:44 CDT 2011


when starting the iDRAC6 KVM linux desktop PC the arrow and print keys
don't work because of incompatible key event IDs.
Tested on a redhat desktop system with the latest iDrac firmware (1.70
(Build 21)) with various Rxxx Servers.
A workaround for the arrow keys is using the arrow keys of the num
pad. But I'm not aware of any workaround for the print key. So SysRq
can't be used (The macro doesn't work for me either).

A more detailed description and more complete workaround can be found here:

Are there any plans to fix this in the java client?

Best Regards,
Frederik Kriewiztz

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