RHEL 6 on M610 will not 'reboot' or shutdown.

Matthew Geier matthew at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Sun Jul 24 19:51:46 CDT 2011

 I've now got two M610's running RHEL 6 - and they won't shut-down
cleanly - the system locks up just after downing the network interfaces.

 I though on the first machine that this was a side effect of using the
probably not so well tested EFI boot loader instead of BIOS, so I just
ignored the issue and use the DRAC to reset the machine each time it's
 But I just got a new M610 and installed it using the 'traditional' BIOS
boot loader. Only it exhibits the same behaviour, it locks up on shut-down.

 The net result is that 'shutdown -r now' doesn't cause a shutdown and
reboot. The machines are not rebooted often, but when I do, I have to
use the iDRAC to hardware reset them.

 Any one else seen anything similar ?. And I'm wondering who to file a
bug report with, Dell or Redhat ?

 It could be a iSCSI multipath issue, with the iSCSI I/O to the now
unreachable network disks blocking the rest of the shutdown.... But
M610's running RHEL 5 reboot fine.

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