PERC6/i firmware update

Mark Foster mfoster at
Wed Jul 20 12:13:51 CDT 2011

Hi folks.
I just installed the firmware-tools on a few PowerEdge R710 systems
running Ubuntu Lucid using the guide at

My main motivation for this was that the check_openmanage nagios plugin
is report "firmware out of date" on the PERC6/i controller...
Controller 0 [PERC 6/i Integrated]: Firmware '6.2.0-0013' is out of date

This recognition seems to be a new feature introduced in OMSA 6?

Anyway, my hope was the firmware-tools would allow me to upgrade the
firmware on the PERC6/i controller but it's not (yet) listed as
available when I run update_firmware. I verified on the Dell support
website that 6.3.0-0001 is available there but it's not much help.

What now?

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