YUM: update of a single HW component possible ?

Spike_White at Dell.com Spike_White at Dell.com
Wed Jul 20 12:13:00 CDT 2011

It's trivial to update just a single HW component,  we do this frequently.  It's trivial, once you understand how the complete h/w flashing is being performed.  To update all components, you execute:

    yum -y install $(bootstrap_firmware)

What this invocation of the bootstrap_firmware program does is inventory your h/w and output a list of h/w firmware image RPMs to install.   On stdout.  The yum -y install uses this list of RPMs as its list of RPMs to install.

So you run this comprehensive list of RPMs to a file, edit the list of RPMs.

You'll want the f/w flashing helper RPMs (at the top) and also your desired h/w components.  Then you'll execute yum against this list of RPMs.

   bootstrap_firmware > /tmp/tempfile
   <edit /tmp/tempfile>
   yum -y install `cat /tmp/tempfile`

Spike  White
Dell I/T

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Hi there....

is it possible to run a update of a single HW component via YUM ?  - i.e. only the BIOS ?
And not always the complete bundle ?



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