c6145 pcie max payload

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Tue Jul 19 02:31:17 CDT 2011

hi shyam,

thanks for this.

so i should not expect an updated bios that enables this, but rather a
kernel patch (and in a few months hopefully an updated RHEL kernel with
this patch included). 

i'll try to keep an eye on the thread, and once the patch is out, i
might try patching the rhel kernel myself ;)

many thanks,

> This discussion is still happening upstream and a few Dell engineers have been involved in this effort.. http://marc.info/?l=linux-pci&m=131066890717612&w=2
> Unfortunately I believe there is no way to change it via sysfs or some other parameter at the moment.
> Once the features gets in upstream we should be able to get it into our supported OSes as well.
> Shyam Iyer
> Linux Engineering
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> Subject: c6145 pcie max payload
> hi all,
> we have a number of c6145 machines that we use in HPC context. in order
> to get maximum performance out of the nodes (and the IB network in
> particular), we would like to set the maximum pcie payload to 256 or 512
> bytes. current maximum value is 128 bytes.
> normally, this is an option in the bios, but i don't find it (i don't
> think the option is there). does anyone know how we could change it? (we
> are using SL6 as OS).
> any feedback is welcome.
> stijn


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