Dell openmanage nagios plugin is chatty

Ian Forde ianforde at
Mon Jul 18 02:29:21 CDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-07-14 at 10:32 -0500, Eric Rostetter wrote:
> Quoting Jason Edgecombe <jason at>:
> > the Dell openmanage plugin seems to give a warning on many problems that
> > are not important. The battery learning cycle is one such warning.
> Yes, annoying.  On my monitoring, a battery learning cycle trips something
> like 4 or 5 warnings...
> > How
> > do other sites filter these non-critical events from the important events?
> We schedule our battery learning cycles for specific days (turn off the
> automatic running of them, then trigger them via cron).   On that specific
> day, our monitoring staff gets the cron e-mail (so they remember that it is
> happening that day on that machine).  They are also trained to know what a
> battery learn looks like in the monitor (so they don't ignore some other
> error as a battery learn issue).  We then ack all the alerts except for
> the actual battery one, to cut down on the noise...
> I'd love a better solution than the above though. :)  It is a real pain.
> Just knowing that the BB checks always happen on specific days cuts down
> on panic though. ;)

One thing you could do with this would be to have check_openmanage run
locally on each box from nrpe (rather than from the Nagios server,
assuming you're running Nagios) from a wrapper script.  When the cron
job is triggered to start the battery learning cycle, a lockfile can be
set which the check_openmanage_wrapper script looks for.  If the
lockfile isn't found, do the normal check.  If it is found, do the check
with "-b bat_charge=ALL" instead.  Oh - and make sure the cron removes
the lockfile at its end and on startup!

It's a big hackish, but you get the best of both worlds...  I might play
with this idea myself at the office when I get the chance.  Can you post
how you disabled automatic running and the cron job?


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