drac: enable ipv6 with racadm command

Ruediger Gunreben rgunreben at isarflow.de
Fri Jul 15 04:29:19 CDT 2011


I want to enable ipv6 as it is possible in the web gui. Is there a
switch for it. I want to access the drac via link local thus I don't
have a special ipv6 address and cannot use the -s6 switch.

racadm setniccfg -s6 <ipv6_address> <prefix_length> <ipv6_gateway>

-d  : enable DHCP
-d6 : enable DHCP6
-o  : enable/disable NIC
-s  : enable static IPv4 address and set parameters
-s6 : enable static IPv6 address and set parameters

thanks in advance


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