Dell openmanage nagios plugin is chatty

Eric Rostetter rostetter at
Thu Jul 14 10:32:35 CDT 2011

Quoting Jason Edgecombe <jason at>:

> the Dell openmanage plugin seems to give a warning on many problems that
> are not important. The battery learning cycle is one such warning.

Yes, annoying.  On my monitoring, a battery learning cycle trips something
like 4 or 5 warnings...

> How
> do other sites filter these non-critical events from the important events?

We schedule our battery learning cycles for specific days (turn off the
automatic running of them, then trigger them via cron).   On that specific
day, our monitoring staff gets the cron e-mail (so they remember that it is
happening that day on that machine).  They are also trained to know what a
battery learn looks like in the monitor (so they don't ignore some other
error as a battery learn issue).  We then ack all the alerts except for
the actual battery one, to cut down on the noise...

I'd love a better solution than the above though. :)  It is a real pain.

Just knowing that the BB checks always happen on specific days cuts down
on panic though. ;)

> Thanks,
> Jason
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