Monitoring PE2950 Status with ESXi?

Steve Jenkins stevejenkins at
Wed Jul 13 17:52:27 CDT 2011

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 11:14 AM, Jon Wolberg <noc at> wrote:
> There is actual Dell documentation on how to do it with ESXi which works
> fine:
> No changes made for the newer OMSA versions.
> Jon Wolberg

Thanks, Jon. I was scared off by this statement in those docs:

"Server Administrator generates SNMP traps in response to changes in
the status of sensors and other monitored parameters.You must
configure one or more trap destinations on the system running Server
Administrator to send SNMP traps to a management station.

Server Administrator supports SNMP traps on VMware ESXi but does not
support SNMP Get and Set operations because VMware ESXi does not
provide the required SNMP support. You can use the VMware vSphere CLI
to configure a system running VMware ESXi to send SNMP traps to a
management application such as IT Assistant."

I'm hoping that we can simply send SNMP traps from the ESXi box to our
Nagios (non-virtual) server, and that we can get enough info out of it
via SNMP to be useful (RAID array status is crucial). We currently
monitor our Dell PowerConnect switches via SNMP to Nagios, so at least
we can copy and paste part of the config files. ;)

I guess we'll just have to bite the bullet and start testing it out. :)

I'll update the list here as we learn anything interesting. If anyone
else is doing the same, I'd love to hear what you find.



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