iDRAC6 Console VNC incompatibility??

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I tried the latest firmware (1.7.0) but the console keyboard worked the same.  Any ideas out there (other than to use an iDRAC5)?

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It would appear that when the console is running within the VNC environment the keystrokes are being misinterpreted.  This same behavior is consistent across 3 different iDRAC6's in that the same misinterpretation is exhibited, i.e. to realize a "y", one must type a "[", a "<CR>" is a "/".  This is especially painful when the console has a password protected screensaver running.  The iDRAC6 works fine when not running within the VNC environment.  However, as stated previously, the iDRAC5 works regardless whether or not it's within a VNC environment.

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>I have an iDRAC6 on a R610. On a different server within a VNC window, I run firefox.  From firefox running in the VNC, I can log into the iDRAC6, launch the console, but I can't get any of of my keyboard entries to be recognized by the console.  I can use the macro pull downs to input CTRL-Enter, CTRL-Alt-Del, etc. but I can't get the any of the key strokes friom the keyboard to be seen by the console.  FWIW, this same VNC interface setup works perfectly on an iDRAC5 console running in a 2950.
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