omreport with multiple PERCs

Ben bda20 at
Wed Jul 13 08:24:29 CDT 2011

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011, Mike Brodbelt wrote:

> On 13/07/11 12:02, Ben wrote:
>> OK, here's an easier one for you (-:
>> Can someone with more than one PERC in a server please send me the output of
>>    omreport storage controller
> # omreport storage controller
> List of Controllers in the system
> [...]

Excellent.  Exactly what I needed.  Thank you!

Replying to me individually (no need to fill up people's inboxes), could 
you also do

  omreport storage controller -fmt ssv

and if you happen to have more than one virtual disk on a controller could 
you please send me the output of

  omreport storage vdisk controller=0	and
  omreport storage vdisk controller=1

please?  This is all good stuff for my status/test script.  You'll get a 
mention in the changelog (-:

With grateful thanks,

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