Monitoring PE2950 Status with ESXi?

Trond Hasle Amundsen t.h.amundsen at
Wed Jul 13 06:34:17 CDT 2011

<Krishnaprasad_K at> writes:

> Hello, We do have OpenManage support w.r.t VMware ESXi. you can
> install the OpenManage agent on ESXi to enable management of the
> complete hardware.
> Refer "Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Installation Guide" @
> to know more about installation of agents, enabling traps etc.

Steve is referring to the check_openmanage Nagios plugin, which has two
modes of operation:

  1. Local mode: uses omreport command to get status of components
  2. SNMP mode: uses SNMP get to get statuses

The CLI support in ESXi is close to non-existent, and SNMP doesn't work

  NOTE: While ESXi supports SNMP traps, it does not support hardware
  inventory through SNMP.

As I understand it, this is a limitation of ESXi. I believe that OMSA
would support SNMP inventory on ESXi if possible.

The ESX line is being discontinued and will be replaced fully by
ESXi. One can hope that VMware realizes the limitations that this move
is imposing on its customers and adds more functionality in the next
version of ESXi, SNMP get support among them.

Currently our monitoring options for ESXi are pretty limited,


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