Monitoring PE2950 Status with ESXi?

Peter Davidse peter.davidse at
Wed Jul 13 01:48:26 CDT 2011

A little more information,

There are a few plugins with a "check_3i_" prefix:


Cheers, Peter
Hedmark University College

On 07/13/2011 06:28 AM, Steve Jenkins wrote:
> Currently, we're running a number of PowerEdge boxes (1850s - 2950s)
> with CentOS 5.6 and OMSA 6.5. We use one of the boxes as a Nagios
> server, which uses NRPE to run the check_openmanage script. This setup
> has been great for getting alerts about RAID array status, temperature
> warnings, and anything else that OMSA monitors.
> However, we're evaluating using our 2950s to run VMWare ESXi 5. But
> we're afraid that by running ESXi as the host platform, we'll lose the
> ability to monitor everything that OMSA monitors.
> I know there must be at least thousands of Dell PowerEdges out there
> running ESXi. Is there a way to still monitor the Dell hardware and
> get alerts in a manner that is comparable to how we're doing it now?
> Thanks,
> SteveJ
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