Monitoring PE2950 Status with ESXi?

Steve Jenkins stevejenkins at
Tue Jul 12 23:28:02 CDT 2011

Currently, we're running a number of PowerEdge boxes (1850s - 2950s)
with CentOS 5.6 and OMSA 6.5. We use one of the boxes as a Nagios
server, which uses NRPE to run the check_openmanage script. This setup
has been great for getting alerts about RAID array status, temperature
warnings, and anything else that OMSA monitors.

However, we're evaluating using our 2950s to run VMWare ESXi 5. But
we're afraid that by running ESXi as the host platform, we'll lose the
ability to monitor everything that OMSA monitors.

I know there must be at least thousands of Dell PowerEdges out there
running ESXi. Is there a way to still monitor the Dell hardware and
get alerts in a manner that is comparable to how we're doing it now?



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