BIOS update question on PowerEdge R710

Brian Collins brianc at
Fri Jul 8 10:45:33 CDT 2011

I have a PER710 running RHEL 5.6 that was at BIOS version 2.1.15.  I
have OMSA 6.5 as a channel in my Satellite 5.4.1 server.  Following the
instructions found on the Dell site, I did the following:
-installed srvadmin-all and dell_ft_install
-installed $(bootstrap_firmware)
-ran 'update_firmware --yes'

When I did, it told me that there was a newer version of the BIOS, but
not for the system BIOS.  I suppose I'm confused about the difference
between the two.
Checking BIOS - 2.1.15
        Available: dell_dup_componentid_00159 - 3.0.0
        Found Update: dell_dup_componentid_00159 - 3.0.0
Checking System BIOS for PowerEdge R710 - 2.1.15
        Did not find a newer package to install that meets all
installation checks.

It did update the BIOS and several other pieces (though I had to run it
again for the BIOS to update successfully; it failed the first time),
but I'm curious - is that message above normal?  What's the difference
between the BIOS and the System BIOS?

Brian Collins, RHCE
Southeastern Data Cooperative
brianc at

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