PowerEdge 2950 PERC 6/i (Mgia) (Mgia)

Jim Goddard jgoddard at gmi-mr.com
Thu Jul 7 12:17:31 CDT 2011

Hi Mgia,

I might be missing something, but my thinking is that you may be running
into the issue with the 64-bit OMSA version.  There is a known issue
with some of the older RAID cards and OMSA 6.5 that result in the "no
storage controllers found" issue.  I have worked around this on a couple
boxen by forcing the install of the 32-bit version of OMSA. 


This blog specifically mentions the PERC 4, so I may be completely
off-base here.



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> Hi,
> > I can only suspect that you are needing help with RHEL or CentOS
> > version of the install (correct if needed). I have had less install
> > issues with OMSA 6.5 than any version before. Did you preform an
> > upgrade or fresh install? If you are using RHEL or CentOS or
> > Scientific Linux, you could look at
> >
> http://pjwelsh..com/2011/03/basic-omsa-install-and-useage-with-rhel.html (HERE) for some basic self-promoting install instructions ;) The only interesting part is the need for "yum install srvadmin-all OpenIPMI OpenIPMI-tools dell_ft_install" to *REALLY* get enough to run OMSA.
> The install is fine but randomly OMSA does not report acqurate
> results.
> I manage a lot of systems and I found this problem i.e. no storage
> controllers found to many installations.
> So the issue that I cannot realy rely upon OMSA has anyone experienced
> such a weird behavior?
> > Hope this helps!
> Thanks for your response pjwelsh
> Mgia
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