PowerEdge 2950 PERC 6/i (Mgia)

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> Thanks for the responses.
> I'm running the latest version of OMSA 6.5
> I have restarted the srvadmin-services and there was no problem but
> still report that there are no controllers.
> Mgia

I can only suspect that you are needing help with RHEL or CentOS version of
the install (correct if needed). I have had less install issues with OMSA 6.5
than any version before. Did you preform an upgrade or fresh install? If you
are using RHEL or CentOS or Scientific Linux, you could look at
for some basic self-promoting install instructions ;) The only interesting
part is the need for "yum install srvadmin-all OpenIPMI OpenIPMI-tools
dell_ft_install" to *REALLY* get enough to run OMSA.

Hope this helps!

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