ST31000340 NCQ firmware bug (was: PE2950, LSI SAS -> SATA very slow)

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at
Sun May 30 20:33:14 CDT 2010

> I just looked at the site in your post to the other thread and sure 
> enough, these disks are ST31000340NS, although they are only running 
> MA08 (the firmware released to stop them from dying after shutdown.)
> Still, given that they top out at just over 50MB/sec with sequential 
> reads it would seem that they are affected by the issue.  I've asked our 
> account manager when updated firmware will be released to fix the issue, 
> so I'll post again when I hear back.
> I'm a bit reluctant to flash non-Dell firmware as it's a production 
> machine and I might need Dell support on it, but I'll try the NCQ fix 
> and see if it helps in the mean time.

Just to follow up on this disabling NCQ helped a lot (enough that it's 
no longer a major issue), but performance still isn't ideal so I pressed 
Dell for a firmware update.

Apparently the request has now been escalated to Dell engineering, so 
hopefully if we're lucky we'll get an updated firmware soon.

What was that discussion about Dell wanting customers to stick with the 
more reliable Dell branded drives...? ;-)  I think for me this makes it 
clear that problems will be fixed much faster if the drive comes direct 
from the manufacturer.  (Although to be fair if it was a major issue I'm 
sure Dell would've swapped it with a different drive model for us.)


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