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Wed May 26 15:15:41 CDT 2010

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We have a number of MD3000s, some of which are on the older RC1 (e.g. generation controller firmware.  We have no way of
guaranteeing whether or not drives are fresh when we add and replace
them.  The reason why this is an issue is because we have seen in the
past that putting drives with RC2 (e.g. DACStor locking
up a controller with RC1 firmware, so normally we just upgrade the
firmware to RC2.  There are some situations where we can't afford the
downtime to do this, though.

Does anyone know:

1. where on the physical drive the DACstor is located and if it can be
wiped by something like dd or a standard drive wipe
2. if putting an RC2 drive into an RC1 MD3000 then running sysWipe
wipes the old DACStor and puts an RC2 one on there
3. can deleting the foreign config for an RC2 drive via a PERC6/e
delete the DACStor?

Thanks for any info you guys can provide!

- -Stephen
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